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Where To Start With Your New Puppy Or Dog

You finally took the plunge and added a new puppy or dog to your family. Congratulations! It’s such a wonderful time – busy and stressful, but definitely exciting! So now what?

There are so many resources available to you when you bring a new puppy or dog into the fold: well-meaning family, neighbors, friends, books, DVDs, veterinarians, groomers, the cashier at the pet store, the internet . . . the list is endless. Some of those resources are good; some are not. It’s almost too much, so where do you start?

IMG_8290If your puppy or dog is older than 16 weeks, or if you feel equipped to manage that whole socializing thing on your own, then you are ready for our Obedience Level 1 class, where you will learn to teach your dog to be well behaved. You will work on pay attention, sit, come, down, stay, don’t jump, don’t bolt through doorways, walk nicely on a loose leash, and more. Level 1 is a great introduction to those must-have good-manners basics for dogs ranging in age from 10 weeks to 10 years.

Next up is Obedience Level 2, where you will learn about the variables of duration, distance and distractions as you improve and proof your dog’s good manners. This is a fun, fast-paced class that helps you strengthen and build on your dog’s great start from Level 1 and allows you to further the bond and teamwork you are developing with your dog. The exercises we introduce will help you build the solid foundation that’s required for therapy dog work, the CGC evaluation, agility, continued obedience training, nose work and more.

IMG_3450If Obedience Level 2 isn’t what you have in mind, maybe a tricks class is? Teaching your dog tricks is an invaluable way to continue strengthening your bond, give your dog new things to think about and do, and improve your dog’s confidence and coordination. Don’t underestimate the value of a good repertoire of crowd-pleasing tricks in helping your dog be well behaved and attentive. Plus, it’s a lot of fun for both dog and owner!

What you want to do with your dog will dictate what class(es) you take after you’ve completed Obedience Level 2. We have an obedience maintenance class (Level 3), an advanced obedience class (Level 4), where, in addition to the basics, you also work on jumping and retrieving, and a Level 5 class for people who want to learn and practice Open and Utility exercises.

Completion of Obedience Level 2 allows you to start the foundation agility classes, enroll in the therapy dog class, sign up for the K9 Nose Work introduction class and much more.

PuppySocial8We also offer some classes and activities that have no prerequisites, that are fun and/or  helpful: Doggy Gym, Small Dog Play Group, and the various Micro Classes.

Whatever your needs, no matter what age puppy or dog you have, Cloud Nine Training School for Dogs is here to help you get the best start possible. If you have questions about which class you should sign up for, contact us and we will help you figure out the right place for you and your dog.