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Schedule of Dog Training Classes, Activities, Events in Twin Cities Area Of Minnesota

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Thank you for choosing Cloud Nine Training School for Dogs. We look forward to helping you understand your dog, train your dog, improve your dog’s good manners, and enjoy doing your favorite dog-related activities.

If your dog is not feeling well, is recovering from spay/neuter surgery or is in season, you may attend class without him/her so you don’t fall behind on your lessons.

  1. Cloud Nine is located at 11528 – 96th Ave. N, Maple Grove, MN 55369. GPS often takes you to the Park and Ride lot. To avoid that, from Zachary Lane, go west on 95th Ave. N to 96th Ave. N. Turn right on 96th Ave N. Follow the street as it turns east. We are in the last building you come to and we are on the end closest to Hwy 610.
  2. Before attending a class at Cloud Nine, please make sure your puppy/dog has received vaccinations that are appropriate for its age based on the vaccination protocol of Dr. Jean Dodds. Please bring proof of your puppy’s or dog’s vaccinations to your first lesson.
  3. Please read and understand the policies at Cloud Nine before signing up for a class.
  4. Refunds are given only if your registration is canceled 48 hours before the first lesson of the class in which we reserved a spot for you and your dog. Cancellation requests must be submitted by email to A $10 administration fee will apply to any canceled registration. 

5. People often ask what the difference is between the S.T.A.R. Puppy class and the Obedience 1 class. Good question. Here is the answer:

     Obedience Level 1 is for puppies starting at 10 weeks and adult dogs of all ages. It’s to introduce/train basic good manners but also to prevent or get rid of problem behaviors. In addition, it is a great start to dogs who are likely to on to become therapy dogs, Canine Good Citizen dogs, competition obedience dogs, etc. Cost is $140 for six lessons. See schedule and register online.

     S.T.A.R. Puppy is for puppies/dogs from 10 weeks up to one year of age. It’s the same curriculum we offer in Obedience Level 1 plus a few requirements dictated by the American Kennel Club to include some ownership details like making sure your dog is microchipped, making sure you carry poop bags with you at all times, making sure you have an exercise plan for your dog – details that new owners might not think about – and there is a final test/evaluation. Also, if you complete this class you are eligible to be listed with the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy registry and can get the certificate and the medallion from the AKC (separate fee for those). Cost is $155 for seven lessons.  See schedule and register online.

Schedule of Dog Training Classes, Activities, Events in Twin Cities Area Of Minnesota


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Activity Sampler Class ($135 for six-session class)

Ready to try doing some new things with your dog? In this Sampler class you and your dog will be introduced to the nuts and bolts of some fun activities that will
– provide mental and physical enrichment opportunities
– relieve boredom
– strengthen your bond and relationship
– further your dog’s good manners
Activities include Scent games, Tricks for Fun and Parkour, Rally O, Treibball, Doggy Gym, Flyball

Prerequisite: completion of Obed. 1 or S.T.A.R. Puppy or the equivalent.

Sign up the six-lesson package via this link;

Thurs., Sept. 5-Oct. 10, 6:15pm

Or sign up for individual lessons at 7:00pm for $25/each:

Sept. 5 Scent Games

Sept. 12 Tricks for Fun and Parkour

Sept. 19 Rally O

Sept. 26 Treibball

Oct. 3 Doggy Gym

Oct. 10 Flyball


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For puppies under one year of age. Play some puppy-appropriate agility games, learn some puppy-appropriate agility exercises, do some short, puppy-appropriate obstacle sequences, and HAVE FUN!


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Please note: You must complete Obed. 1 (minimally) and possibly Obed. 2 as well, or the equivalent, in order to participate in the Skillz classes. 

All Foundation Agility Skillz classes (or equivalent) are prerequisite for Beginner Agility.

  • Agility Foundation Skillz 1 ($140 for six-session class)
    • Thurs. June 20-Aug. 8, 7:30pm (FULL)
      • (no class 7/4, 7/25)


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Completion of Agility Foundation Skillz classes (or equivalent) is the prerequisite for Agility Classes.


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  • Tracking Intro Lesson ($125 for 4-session class; it’s likely lessons 2, 3, 4 will take place at Mississippi West Regional Park)
    • Sun., April 16-May 7, 9:30am (FULL)


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  • Tricks for Kicks ($125 for 5-session class)
    • Tues., Oct. 31-Nov. 28, 7:00pm (FULL)


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  • Something for Seniors ($75 for the four-session class) Dogs age seven years and up will learn low-impact, age-appropriate games, enrichment activities and exercises that will engage their brains and help keep their bodies fit.
  • Choose to Heel ($100 for the four-session class limited to six dogs) Learn precision heeling for competition, for CGC and therapy dog certification, or as a solid foundation for walking through a crowd with a loose leash. Halts (straight sits) and ignoring distractions will be included. No prerequisite.
    • TBD


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  • Intro to Rally-O ($135 for six-session class)
    • Tues., May 21-June 25, 7:15pm (FULL)
  • Rally Run Through Class ($100 for six drop-in lessons; prerequisite is Intro to Rally-O or equivalent) 
    • Tuesdays July 9 & 23, August 13 & 27, Sept. 10 & 24
    •  Wednesdays 10:00am


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  • Therapy Dog Basics ($160 for seven-session class for dogs who have complete Obedience Level 2 or the equivalent and who are a minimum of one year old.)


RSVP by email 24 hours in advance to participate.

  • Obedience Run Throughs 7-9pm $10/team. Pay at the door cash (no quarters) or check. Please note: no pinch/prong/e-collars; choke collars as allowed in the ring by the AKC. 
    • June 29, 5:00pm
  • Flyball Fun Night $20/dog; here’s a chance to see if your dog might like the game of flyball. Diggin Balls flyball team will teach some introductory exercises and assess each dog’s aptitude for the sport.
    • Friday, July 7, 7pm
  • Agility Open Ring Time $10/team; each team gets a turn for three-minutes for as many turns as time allows, depending on the number of people in attendance. Email to RSVP a spot in one of the time slots. Limit 6 teams/hour. For teams who have completed all five Foundation Skillz courses at Cloud Nine or the equivalent or who are competing.
    • TBD
  • Activities to Try with Your Dog $25/lesson at 6:15pm as follows:

Cloud Nine Dog Training Calendar


A dog’s vaccinations must be current for its age according to the vaccination protocol outlined by Dr. Jean Dodds

Please Note: Full payment is due on or before the first lesson of the class.

Refunds are issued ONLY if cancellation of a class takes place 48 hours prior to the start of the first lesson of a session or if the spot that was reserved for you can be filled by another student.

Prong collars, choke collars, e-collars (including bark collars) are not allowed on the premises of either Cloud Nine location.

Retractable leashes are not allowed in class. 

Cleaning up after your dog is a must. Not doing so can result in expulsion without compensation.

Bitches in season may attend class if they are properly attired, but not during the days 10- 16 of their heat cycle.

Dogs with communicable diseases must stay home, but owners may attend class.

Schedule is subject to change. Current information for each day’s classes is available on our Interactive Calendar

We make every effort to notify students of weather-related cancellations. This information is also available on the Cloud Nine Facebook page. 

Schedule of Dog Training Classes, Activities, Events in Twin Cities Area Of Minnesota
Schedule of Dog Training Classes, Activities, Events in Twin Cities Area Of Minnesota

Got Questions? Send us an email.