Cloud Nine Dog Training Student Testimonials

What Cloud Nine Dog Training students have to say . . .


Cloud Nine has been there for my all of my dogs, regardless of size, age, and temperament – from the German Shepherd and Labs to the Corgi, from the adult rescues dogs to the puppies, from perfecting basic training to handling aggression concerns.  Every dog deserves a well-trained family and every owner deserves a happy obedient member of the family.  Dawn and her staff at Cloud Nine have helped us accomplish this time after time.

Karen Odash with Lachlan

June 2015


Dawn did an excellent job in helping me train Finley, but she also showed me which training technique work best for my dog!


Deb Somers with Finley

June 2015


When I started attending Dawn’s classes, my puppy Irish was completely untrained. Now, only six months later, she is extremely reliable in both obedience and agility. While this is amazing for any human/dog team, it is especially remarkable for Irish and me because I have a disability which severely limits my ability to move or speak loudly. With endless patience, creativity and entirely positive techniques, Dawn has taught me to have control over my dog with the smallest sound or gesture, on leash and off. Irish earned her CGC award at only eight months of age and is well on her way to becoming a certified service dog. I never in a million years thought that me and my clunky wheelchair could learn dog agility!  Thank you Dawn!!

Nicole Taras with Irish

May 2015


I started training at Cloud Nine in 2000 and have been bringing my dogs there exclusively ever since. I have Bullmastiffs and American Cattle Dogs – two challenging breeds for different reasons. Dawn understands the quirks and needs of my dogs and has helped me train them to be well-behaved family pets. 

The conformation handling classes at Cloud Nine are both fun and helpful. I’ve not only completed many owner-handled championships with my Bullies but also have done well in the group ring. And thanks to Cloud Nine, I’ve had much success in the dog sports I enjoy doing with my dogs: obedience, Rally-O, and agility. 

As a vet tech, manager and owner of Hopkins Pet Hospital, I encourage all my clients to bring their puppies and dogs to Cloud Nine for their training needs. Every dog can be a pleasant, well-behaved family member, and the trainers at Cloud Nine will help people accomplish that and more. 

Gwen Bader with Sprout, Chilly and River

July 2015




My husband and I started going to Cloud Nine with our puppy, Finley, when he was only eight weeks old.  From the very beginning he really has enjoyed going.  After the Good Manners obedience classes we atteneded, we started agility, joined the conformation class, and now tried Rally-O. We are having tons of fun and have learned so much.  The instructors are great at providing feedback and genuinely care about the dogs in class.  Finley always gets so excited when we pull up; he can never wait to get inside.   We enjoy going so much that we attend different classes at least three nights per week! 

Charney and Joe Petroske with Finley


I have been bringing my three terriers to Cloud Nine for both obedience and agility classes and I’m not sure who loves it more… me or the dogs!  The classes are taught in a way that is both straightforward and fun for humans and canines alike.  Agility has been a blast for my crazy Scotties – I think they have found their passion!  It is so rewarding to not only learn about the obstacles and handling, but also improve the focus, confidence, and communication with my dogs.  I recommend Cloud Nine for all the adopters of my foster dogs, too, and know they have had great success with their own classes.  Whether your dog needs some brushing up on manners or you are interested in agility, becoming a therapy dog team, competition obedience, or something else –  I cannot recommend Cloud Nine highly enough!

Karin Newstrom with Henry, Ajax, Barney

May 2015